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One or the Other? Why not Both?

I read through a lot of the comments on The Truth About Guns article. I’ve read the forum posts other places discussing our products. There are still a lot of people with the mentality that stripper clips and magazines are one versus the other. I’m not sure how we can be any more clear, but we’ll say it again:

It’s perfectly possible to use both.

Really, you can use stripper clips AND magazines. You could certainly only use magazines, but you can’t only use stripper clips. To use stripper clips you need to have at least one magazine. It is impossible to use our stripper clip guides without a magazine. It’s never been a goal of ours to replace your magazines. Keep as many as you want. We don’t care if you have 30 magazines for your rifles. What we’re concerned about is when the magazines run empty. We want you to be able to have the tools and means to stuff more rounds into them as fast as possible. To that effect we’ve brought surplus bandoleers into our product line up. We want to you to be able to grab and go with your extra ammo and reload your magazines when you get a chance. We also want to point out that these bandoleers are surplus U.S military bandoleers. The U.S. Military currently employs the 4 pocket bandoleers to resupply troops. I’m not sure where the disconnect happens, but I just want to point out that the most advanced military on the planet uses bandoleers stuffed with stripper clips for resupply of ammo. The only slight difference is that we can load our clips directly into the magazine when it’s installed on the rifle making it impossible to loose. This was seen on real military rifles including the M14, VZ-58, and some FAL variants.Modern US Military 4 pocket bandoleer for 5.56x45mm ammo with Mini-30

Of course you can just use them for fun anytime you like. That was the origination of the idea in the first place. Lever actions are still fun, revolvers are still fun, and stripper clips are still fun as well.

Which reminds me: I need to procure a Russian contract 1895 Winchester and a M1917 Smith and Wesson.

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