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M14 / M1 Garand with Micro Prism Scopes

Reject the timeline! Embrace anachronisms!

What is it?

We’re offering an optic mount for attaching the New Primary Arms Micro Prism scopes to M14, M1A, M1 Garands, and BM59’s. These optics are using a “mini ACOG” mount that is a little more rare but works perfectly in this case because the mounting footprint nests into the rear sight ears on these rifles. The 1x is a fantastic alternative to a red dot for those concerned about astigmatism or battery life. These have an etched reticle like a scope that is perfectly usable when off. The eye box and eye relief is very forgiving as well approaching the usability of a red dot. The 3x is stunning. It’s amazing to get so  much out of something no bigger than a fairly common red dot. The eye relief and eye box are not nearly as forgiving as the 1x, but great for a low power scope.

M1 Garand and M14 Primary arms slx 1x 3x micro prism

For more details on these MicroPrism scopes, check out the Primary Arms website and watch these YouTube videos for a third party take on these optics: Garand Thumb Military Arms Channel Brass Facts Tactical Rifleman

Why did we do this?

Ever since I saw this Forgotten weapons video (below), I’ve been intrigued by the concept for a low power scope on a Garand or M14. I’ve never been happy with some of the tall scope mounts for the M14, nor the side mounted scopes on the Garand. Forward mounted scopes were always an option and the mounts are solid, but the long eye relief scopes are really not my cup of tea. I had in mind some tinkerer’s plans of taking a relatively cheap G36 1.5x optic tube and fabricating a custom one-off mount for myself to use and trying to mimic the look of the original optic from the video. But when I got an M1A and the Primary Arms SLx MicroPrism scopes came out, I had an epiphany. The mounting footprint would nest nicely in the rear sight ears on the Garand of M14 essentially making the idea more viable and even as a product to offer. The final result lived up to my expectation, although I find myself enjoying the 3x far more.

Bubba No!

I can hear it now, the purists are groaning. Well, we sort of agree with you, but with caveats of course. The truth is, we don’t really advocate for putting these on good collector grade Garands, but even if you did, it is a reversible operation and should not harm collectability as long as you kept track of those rear sight parts. At worst a small amount of scuffing of Parkerizing might be found. For shooter grade, commercial made cast receivers, and tanker carbines, I see no reason to fuss. That is ultimately a matter of taste and best left to the customer to decide. The matter for M1A’s and M14 is entirely different. Given that M14’s were never really surplused, virtually none of the rifle’s carry any historical provenance of their own and again this is left to taste. 


If you’re looking for something to add some capability to your rifle without much weight or bulk, this is a really good option.

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  1. I can’t believe it. I wasn’t the only one that saw the PA micro prisms and saw that FW video and wanted to make some modern magic happen, I’m so glad someone with the resources actually did it… I would like to build up the lowest-value Garand receiver I can find with a 270 barrel, leave off the front sight and put on a micro prism and this seems made perfect for just such a project

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