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Trigger Finger Magazine Release

We are VERY happy to announce the release of our mag release.

Mini-14 or Mini-30 Trigger group and extended magazine release
Ambidextrous magazine release installed in the Mini-14 trigger group

This has been an off and on development for more than a year and there have been several times where we have had to bite our tongue in conversations with customers and the public when it comes to magazine change ergonomics. There were several obstacles to make this work, and we had to increase the testing regimen to make this a successful product. With ergonomics, the feel of the thing needs to be just right. We think we achieved that but we are open to making some variations over time to maximize the users experience.

There was also the major hurdle of installation. The assembly on our early prototypes were nearly impossible because the spring that needs to be tucked into the trigger housing. We created a simple process of using a common flat head screw driver, a nail(or punch if you have it), and an included slave pin for installation . The installation method of this part we think is the most ingenious part of the design and one of the main reasons you don’t see more ergonomic magazine releases for the Mini-14 and Mini Thirty on the market today. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

But why would I need this? My factory magazine release works just fine. The factory magazine release works great. We’re not saying ours is superior in function. We offer improved ergonomics. The idea that something needs to be broken before anyone should make improvements is something we 100% disagree with. Most innovative work doesn’t fix something broken, but is just incremental improvements to a previous item.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can comment below.

2 thoughts on “Trigger Finger Magazine Release

  1. Got mine yesterday and installed. Looks and works great with empty mags and mag switch with empty mags (won’t get to test live fire for a few weeks due to winter time). Chose black to match my stock. I previously replaced factory stock to ASI extended mag release which was an improvement and your product seems much better than that. As I said I have changed out mag release previously, your video on replacing was well done but I was no where near as fast as you. Took some time and mild cussing to get the spring leg seated and the pin holes to align.
    This is nice addition to the firearm, as is the stripper clip guide bought from you in past.
    Can send pic(s) if you are interested.
    Congratulations on your new product launch

  2. Been using this for a few months now and it works great. Easy to work the release with my trigger finger and wasn’t too difficult to install.

    If I could make one suggestion for a MK II: bring the left side out a hair more and make it more of a right angle so you can knock a spent mag out with a fresh one. The curve of the current one means it’s easier to slip off of the release unless you hit it just right.

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