Mini-14 Clip Guide 582 or Higher

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A receiver mounted stripper clip guide for Mini-14’s with serial number prefix 582 and greater.



This is a receiver mounted stripper clip guide for Mini 14’s with serial numbers 582 and up. We made sure the factory sights are still usable when installed, although your lower field of view will be interrupted. Because of the location of the ejector, we designed the clip guide so that clips need to be inserted and stripped at an angle. Stripper clips are inherently difficult to load. Because of that, you should practice to get as fast as shown in the videos. We recommend downloading the clips to nine rounds for practice and wearing gloves.

We designed these parts to work best with Ruger brand magazines. Other magazine brands seem to work, but there may be some that don’t. We cannot feasibly verify every aftermarket magazine.

For Ranch Rifles with serial number prefix lower than 582 return to the shop section for stripper clip guides.

These parts were intended to use the screws supplied with the rifle for mounting the scope mount rail to attach this to your rifle. It’s recommended to use medium strength thread-locking compound to prevent the screws from backing out from recoil vibrations.

If you’re missing your screws, you can contact Ruger for replacements or select the add on screws option before checkout.

ZRUS outdoors gives a demonstration as well.

Why Use Stripper Clips for Loading?

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 1 × .75 × .375 in
Clip Type

Thermold, US Military Surplus


Black, Smooth Charcoal Grey, Stainless

Do you need screws?

No, Yes

3 reviews for Mini-14 Clip Guide 582 or Higher

  1. Scott Holcomb

    Thermold-Black version
    For me, until this guy invents some way to make this operate more like an M1 Garand (please do!), it’s the best thing you’ll find. In retrospect, the usgi version would’ve probably suited better since that’s what everyone else is using. The stripper clip(thermold) takes a minute to get accustomed to but it performs well enough. When I bought it I was thinking (like my Mauser) I could do it with one hand, but watch the videos and you’ll see that you’re supporting hand has a role to play in keeping the stripper clip steady. I broke two clips before I realized (no problem). I was just expecting one handed operation for loading. It’s useful for those in restrictive states. It’s also useful for using in the place of buying multiple Ruger magazines(cause they’re expensive). Personally I was after that old time feel, like the M1, that made me buy this. It’s worth it. With tech sights the field of view is not hindered. The guide itself has held up well. I have a reduced gas bushing in my mini but if I didn’t then I imagine the cases may interfere with the guide upon ejection(my mini used to spit cases straight into my forehead). Your thumbs will either get used to loading or you’ll just need to get gloves, it’s not bad either way. Easy enough to load prone if you practice bringing it into your body instead of leaving it in front of you. I still haven’t found a good rig to carry the clips like I’d want but I’m still working on that. You can’t use a scope with this version (not that I intended to) but with the Ruger rings your zero pretty much stays the same. There’s a little bit of play with the clip when inserted into the guide, don’t mess with it trying to get the right angle, just drop the clip in there, support it with your offhand and press on the rounds at the rear of the casings and don’t stop until your thumb touches the feed lips of the magazine. If you do too much trying to make it work more or what have you, you could accidentally slide the rim of the casing behind the magazine wall, usually on the last round.
    The only improvements I would want on this model is the capability of loading single handed.

    • cogburn

      Thanks for spending the time writing this review! You mentioned loading a Mini-14 with Garand-like enblock clips. I really like the idea and I’ve looked at it a few different ways. It initially appears that the receiver isn’t wide enough to accept a double stack enblock clip like that. There is a gap between the skills I have and the skills I need to tackle a design like that right now, but it’s the project I really want to work on. In the meantime there is low hanging fruit I can work on. I’ve got a few projects I’m working on that haven’t quite finished up yet. Website development cut into my product development time a lot.

      When I get a chance, I’ll try to put up a post about modifying clips like you mentioned. I think that has a lot of merit.

  2. cogburn

    The following review is a transferred from Etsy:

    Robert on Apr 24, 2018

    Haven’t installed it yet. A little bit expensive. If it works as advertised it will help with speed loading. Will update review after installing and testing.

  3. Dick G. Williams

    I’ve bought two of the USGI-clip versions for a 582-up series Mini-14 and both work as advertised. My only disappointment is that the “stripper to guide fitment” is a little sloppier than is necessary. Still all in all, a serviceable part and well worth the money I spent…hence the five stars.

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