Mini 14 GB Front Sight Pin-on


A GB style front sight for you’re Ruger Mini-14 or Mini-30

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This is a remake of the GB style front sight/bayonet lug for your mini 14 or mini 30. Choose the size to fit the barrel diameter where you intend to put the part. You will need to cut a slight key-way into your barrel for a .125″ pin (.625″ long) to attach the sight to the barrel (have this done by someone with proper training) This will also accept the M16 style bayonet like the Ruger Law enforcement Mini-14 GB..

***These are not a direct replacement for your factory front sight***

Front sight blade is .063″ wide and the tip is .915″ above the center-line of the bore. This might be too high for some rifles, but the sights can be filed down according to your rifle.

The guide below should help you find the proper diameter of sight for the barrel of the rifle you have. They are separated by the Serial number prefix. Contact us if you need additional help.

Weight ~1.25 ounces

This part is made to order using 3D metal printing and has an approximate 4 week lead time.

***fitting will be required***

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × .75 × .75 in

Black, Smooth Charcoal Grey, Stainless

Barrel Diameter

.563", .625"

1 review for Mini 14 GB Front Sight Pin-on

  1. Warren

    Will you ship gb sight to Canada

    • cogburn

      I’d love to, but ITAR laws make the doing that in legal way a little confusing and we haven’t cracked that nut yet.

      Edit: there are some export sevices that allow us to ship to Canada on a part by part basis.

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