Two-part Clamp-on AK Bayonet Lug

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A Two-part Clamp-on Bayonet Lug for AK type bayonets.

This part is made to order using 3D metal printing and has an approximate 4 week lead time.

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Our two-piece Clamp-on AK style bayonet lug allows you to use old AK type bayonets with nearly any barrel size you have. Just select the size you need from the list. If it’s not there, then you can email us any time.

You can install this part anywhere on a barrel without the hassle removing front sights or flash hiders.

Weight: ~1.3 ounce

Includes M3 mounting hardware

We make these parts on a “to order” basis using 3D metal printing and has an approximate 4 week lead time.

***some minor fitting may be required***

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × .625 in

Black, Stainless

Barrel Diameter

.563", .575", .590", .610", .625", .650", .665", .680", .716", .730", .750", .775"

1 review for Two-part Clamp-on AK Bayonet Lug

  1. Eric

    The first part they deliveredwasn’t actually round per my 10mm specification so there was a big gap between the upper and lower halves when mounted on the barrel. Happily, they provided a new one at no cost which was pretty much on spec for mounting. However, the actual bayonet mounting lug required a significant amount of very careful Dremel tool and Emery cloth sanding/grinding to get the bayonet to actually fit properly. Had to be sure to to remove too much material between tests. Part of the problem is that the part is very rough as delivered, so the bayonet didn’t slide well at all onto the lug. The other problem is that the top part of the lug’s “T” shape was too deep for the bayonet’s “socket” to fit. Took about 90 minutes total grinding/testing/repeat to make it work well. Good thing it’s hidden, because this lug doesn’t have a “finish” per se. It’s texture is pretty rough, as you would expect from a 3D printed product. Was the work worth it? Not sure, but I didn’t have another option. It seems to be super solid and secure, but then, I don’t have any zombies to test it on, yet.

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