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Internal Production Capacity (Update)

As previously mentioned in our blog, we are working hard to develop internal capacity to produce our plastic parts and we have come a long way in the last month. We have resolved a few technical issues. A discerning eye will catch some other cosmetic defects in the pictures we would still like to resolve, but we like to share the progress. We should take this time to reiterate that we are trying to produce parts that are cheaper for the end user, shorten lead times, and produce better colors.

Grey, Blaze Orange, OD Green, Khaki

We have ultimately chosen colors for our initial release and have all of them on hand except black. As shown above, the colors are Grey, Blaze Orange, Olive Drab green, and Khaki. The Grey is a nice gun-metal color that actually matches U.S. military clips, clip guides, or any other U.S. Military parkerized steel. The orange is a UV reactive vibrant orange. It’s a bright color under any light, but UV rays from the sun are reflected into the visible light spectrum making it bright and easy to see if dropped it in tall grass. The olive drab green is a staple in the outdoors community and will match up with surplus bandoleers and ammo cans nicely. We were really excited to find this dark tan/khaki color. It’s not quite a true Flat Dark Earth match, but it’s close enough for all but the most fashion sensitive shooters. Black was delayed at the time of writing. It needs no commentary as it currently makes up over 50% of our sales by volume.
We will go live with these 5 colors available, but we are going to add more as we go. Send us a message if you have a different color request. We will likely have a minimum order quantity for new color requests, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for new colors.

Another perk with the redesign is that these parts will work with U.S. military surplus clips as well as Thermold and Canadian surplus plastic clips. This will provides much more flexibility without sacrificing usability. There is no more need to choose between the two anymore.

5 thoughts on “Internal Production Capacity (Update)

  1. How much would 6 mini14 loading spoons go for and where do I send the check or money order to pay for them?

    1. I see you figured it out before I got my response completed. Thank you for your order!

  2. I just submitted an order and was impressed with your web sight. It is laid out with the guy on this end in mind.


    I have a 185 serial number and have installed a dampener with integral adjustable gas block. After I have verified it on a range I will work on improving the front sight and possibly going to optics. I bought this Mini new and have not put enough rounds through it. yeah I am “older”.

  3. Neat looking stuff.

    I would bet there are a lot more AR 15 in 7.62×39 that use AR style magazines than there are Hk91 and Hk93 and clones in the US.

    When will we see a magazine loader for those AR 7.62×39 and SKS stripper clips?

    1. The difference is that it took 2 prototypes to make the HK93 loader work. We lost count of how many we’ve done on 7.62×39 AR mags. None of them work well enough to sell. The rounds individually feed from the clip into the magazine, but they just won’t go all at once. The more I look, the more I think the idea of putting 7.62×39 rounds in a AR magwell is a flawed idea from the start. There js too much binding on those tapered cases on the straight portion of the magazine and even more when they turn the corner. The springs are extra powerful to overcome that. Then at loading, you need to fight the extra power of the spring and the binding of rounds all at once.

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