Mini-14 Clip Guide 581 and Lower

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A receiver mounted stripper clip guide for Mini-14’s with serial number prefix 581 and lower.

This part is made to order using 3D metal printing and has an approximate 4 week lead time.

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Here is your side mounted stripper clip guide for all Mini-14 Ranch Rifles. Factory Sights are still usable when installed, although your lower field of view will be interrupted. Clips need to be inserted and stripped at an angle to be able to get past the ejector. Stripper clips are inherently difficult to load. If you practice, you will get faster. We recommend downloading the clips to nine rounds for practice and wearing gloves. This is designed to work best with Ruger brand magazines. Other magazine brands seem to work, but there may be some that don’t.

If you have a serial number prefix 582 or greater, this part will work, but we recommend getting the model specifically for those rifle. You can simply return to the shop section for stripper clip guides.

Hardware for assembly is included (and in matching color unlike some of the pictures).

This part is made to order using 3D metal printing and has an approximate 4 week lead time.

Why Use Stripper Clips for Loading?

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × .5 in
Clip Type

Thermold, US Military Surplus


Black, Stainless

2 reviews for Mini-14 Clip Guide 581 and Lower

  1. Alex

    I got the thermomold version and the clip is too flimsy. The spoon seems to work because there is more support but I would not recommend this. Maybe the version that uses steel stripper clips is better? Otherwise steer clear.

    • cogburn

      Alex, we moved this review here from the Mini-30 clip guide section.

      The Thermold clips do flex, but we haven’t had that negatively effect our reloads. We recommend lightly lifting the nose of the top round to prevent binding in the rims of the rounds. That reduces the force needed to press rounds into the magazine and allows you to load without bending the clips too far.

  2. Ryan N (verified owner)

    I got this for my mini-14, and it adds the perfect amount of old-rifle feel to it. I have the thermold clip version and it helps load the cartridges just fine. I’ve had no problems with this as long as the clips have been broken in, which is easily done by pushing rounds through your clips a few times.

    As an added note, my Mini-14 is the older discontinued .222 Rem model, and it fits perfectly to it. No troubles with it whatsoever. So if you too have .222 Rem model, know now that you too can enjoy having a clip guide. Thanks Cogburn, I absolutely love this thing l.

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